ultimo_respiro_poesie - barbara nahmad

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Nao sei se è amor que tens...

Nao sei se è amor que tens, ou amor que finges,
O que me dàs. Dàs-mo. Tanto me basta.
Jà que o nao sou por tempo,
Seja eu jovem por erro.
Pouco os deuses nos dao, e o pouco è falso.
Porèm, se o dao, falso que seja, a dàdiva
E’ verdadeira. Aceito.
Cerro olhos: è bastante.
                  Que mas quero?



Azur ivoire ton corps
Amour à deux mains
Mon amie bien-aimèe
Chaque soir sur la poitrine
De notre amour.



Love thou thy dream
All base love scorning,
Love thou the wind
And here take warning
That dreams alone can truly be,
For ‘tis in dream I come to thee.


Of so what so sweet imprisonment

Of so what so sweet imprisonment
My soul, dearest, is fain -
Soft arms that woo me to relent
And woo me to detain.
Ah, could they ever hold me there,
Glady were I a prisoner!


…Et voilà

Un marin a quittè la mer
Son bateau a quittè le port
Et le roi a quittè la reine
Un avare a quittè son or
                                   ..et voilà

Un veuve a quittè le deuil
Une folle a quittè .’asile
Et ton scurire a quittè mes lèvres
                                    ..et voilà

Tu me quitteras
Tu me quitteras
Tu me quitteras
Tu me reviendras
Tu m’èpouseras
Tu m’èpouseras

Le couteau èpouse la plaie
L’arc-en-ciel èpouse la pluie
Le caresses èpousent le menaces
                                     ..et voilà

Et le feu èpouse la glace
Et la mort èpouse la vie
Comme la vie èpouse l’amour

Tu m’èpouseras
Tu m’èpouseras
Tu m’èpouseras.


From the Garden

Come, my beloved,
consider the lilies.
We are of little faith.
We talk too much.
Put your mouthful of words away
and come with me to watch
the lilies open in such a field,
growing there like yachts,
slowly steering their petals
without nurses or clocks.
Let us consider the view:
A house where white clouds
decorate the muddy halls.
Oh, put away your good words
and your bad words. Spit out
your words like stones!
Come here! Come here!
Come eat my pleasant fruits.

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